Lacto Asia Pte Ltd

The food world has become a borderless world. Our goal is to make food from different cultures and blend together to become tastier. With our proprietary Japanese technology and hygienic production environment, we aim to encourage innovative food manufactures, ranging from bakeries to cafes and restaurants to chilled and frozen food manufactures, to incorporate out unique cheese applications

Lacto-fermentation: Ten Biggest Questions Answered

Lacto-fermentation is growing in popularity as more and more people discover the health benefits of this ancient food preservation method. But I have to tell ya, the taste of these foods are a benefit as well.

Lacto-fermented “Deli-Style” Pickle Spears * — Cooking God

We love pickles in our family, and these ones are our definite favorites…. Deli-Style, delicious, “good for you”, yumminess

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